There are many ways of getting strong, sometimes talking is the best way.
— Andre Agassi



The years spent in Middle School and High School can be difficult times for many youth. Is your child struggling with the academic demands or in finding the right social group? I help teens with understanding themselves better, including finding their inner sources of confidence and motivation.

This is a challenging time to be growing up, as the internet and social media are changing the ways that people relate to each other. Are you worried about the amount of time that your teen spends in front of a screen? I support youth in seeing how these interactions affect them and deciding how much engagement is healthy for them.

One of the main ways that I connect with youth in through their interests. I enjoy music, video-games, tv/movies, card games, and internet culture. I also use humor and share about challenges I've faced in my own life. I find that these approaches help teens to open up and engage in the process of personal growth.


Some of the most common ways that I help teens are:

  • Providing strategies to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, hopelessness, and self-doubt

  • Assisting with improving self-esteem and gaining a sense of belonging, competence, and responsibility

  • Supporting teens with managing addictions and substance abuse

  • Guiding youth in learning how to manage anger or impulsive behavior

  • Supporting teens in managing difficult changes in the family, school setting, or community

  • Helping them find motivation for schoolwork


After working with youth for so many years, I’ve found it is usually vital to include parents in the process. Often parents are unsure of the best way to support their child or manage difficult behaviors in the home. Many times a parenting technique that used to work when your child was younger, stops working in adolescence.

Some of the most common ways that I help parents are:

  • Learning about different parenting approaches to try

  • Creating more clarity around expectations and what will work for your child

  • Supporting parents in being more mindful around how to respond to conflict

  • Finding new ways to better connect with your teen

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